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Email to my brother Chris on Monday 4th June 2007: I am having to restore this van really. I knew the only VW bus I could afford was going to need some welding. And on saturday I found it! The sill near the driver's door needs a patch welded and also at the back just below each light cluster I think is structural so will need a patch to. But that is a good excuse for me to get my MIG welder out and play with it!.

I had to tow it and I still have to get the engine started but I think I have found out why it wouldn't go. So I will fix it. My VW Bus blog is at www.baginost.freeserve.co.uk I haven't got much on there so far.

I have had to re-trace ALL the wires and put new crimp pins connectors on the damaged ends and replace certain wire runs. I have dont the front end and now just have to do the back. But the back is really easy. So I have broken the back of the job. The wiring was in such a bad state I didn't want to risk a fire breaking out so I did the electrics before I tried to start the engine.

When it has been too dark to do any work outside I have been doing stuff indoors! I was up till 1am last night painting bits for the dash board and sky-light. I was late to work today.

Lino and Orange: I am not too keen on the decor inside! The lino had collected moisture underneath and started rust spots on the floor.
Matching Kettle !: Ahhh that's better! A friend of mine told me that blue on the walls of his flat drove him mad. I like blue. I have got it in my hallway!

But I really should be getting on with other stuff. Like getting the engine going. The spark plug HT leads are in the wrong order! Also I tried starting the engine and it turned over but didn't fire. I just wanted to see if it would turn over really. That was at 11pm when I next got home after towing it round mine. It was dark and when I turned the ignition off again it carried on turning over! Untill the battery went flat.

New Gas Bottle Price 24 and I have moved the battery status meter to a more accessible location. I have also installed the 'cigar lighter' style 12V socket to power things like a mini vacuum cleaner etc. The smelly swan matched have now been replaced with a spark/gas lighter.
Vehicle Wiring Products (Now this looks like a useful web address!)
Volks Zone
aktivetools.com I Bought My 2nd MIG Welder from here. The B+Q Cosmo 130 stopped working and the company went bust so this is this replacement I just bought (17th Sept. 07). I'll let you know!
Type 2.com
The Samba
Spooky Vee Dub Club
DIY MIG Welding
I hope I will eventually bump into one of the previous owners at the Spooky Vee Dub club.
PLOP ! When I eventually satisfied myself there were going to be no more miniature bon-fires breaking out, that the electrics were connected up ok and the solenoid had been un-stuck I connected the battery and after a little while I managed to start the engine. What a racket! I had to buy a new exhaust just to get near the engine to work on while it was running. The EMPI exhausts might have made some young lad very happy but they are NOT my idea of 'cool'.

The only problem then was that to heat the exhaust paste to harden it I had to leave the engine running for about 10 minutes, by which time a puddle of oil had appeared on the ground and oily smoke was wafting out of the engine bay and off the heat exchangers. The only thing I could do was to get the engine out and find out where the leak was.

Street Cred? The EMPI (right) and the Type 4 engine (non-VW part) exhaust fitted to the 1972+ VW bus.
POST ENGINE OUT I chipped all the loose rust away and coated all the remaining surface rust with Kurust neutraliser. Then paited Anti rust primer on top 24 hours later. The process revealed the major rust areas to be welded.
These are the worst bits inside the engine bay. There are two sections near the offside bumper mounting point which is going to need some work. See the Welding links below.
The electrical system was something else! I hadn't expected it to be quite as bad as it was. There had been at least on fire in the engine bay and lots of corroded connections.
An over heated wire above the engine bay.
2nd September 2009