On the 22nd of December I downloaded tested and decided to purchase a really nice bit of software which allowed me to view and what's more save the video which is embedded in some pages. Not just YouTube but most stuff.

I obvoiusly wanted to test the program out in a hurry and downloaded a media file of slightly dubious origins. Well I was warned by the Windows XP system that the file was trying to execute a program and, as you do, chose to ignore and continue!

I ended up with a virus called SoftwareGuard2009 on my PC.

Now this only became evident on 24th December just in time for christmas.

It stopped me from accessing the avg anti virus web site and other anti virus pages online. It ran in the background using 99% of processor time which meant the cooling fan was on nearly all the time and the keyboard and mouse were slow. It also launched it's 'virus scanner' which locked everthing up until the scan process was shut down. Only to pop up again 5 minutes later.

This is how I got rid of it:

1) Press alt-ctrl + delete to get the task manager up. Look at the second tab to see what background processes are running. There should be two named something like this:

a)wincntr.exe and b) spyguard.exe

What ever they are called, deleting them wont fix the problem! you have to fool the virus that it is still able to run both these files.

Run the windows explorer (not internet explorer) and do a flie search for files a) and b).

One (wincntr.exe) will be in the windows or windows/system (or system32) directory (I can remember now). and the other under the c:\Program Files in a sub directory (sub-folder) called spyware guard or name to that effect.

Copy two other inocuous programs to these directories such as mspaint.exe (C:\Program Files\Accessories\MSPAINT.EXE) and volume control.exe (C:\WINDOWS\SNDVOL32.EXE) are the ones I used.

Then rename a) wincntr.exe to old wincntr.exe and rename MSPAINT.exe to wincntr.exe!

Then rename b) spyguard.exe to old spyguard.exe and sndvol32.exe to spyguard.exe!

He he.!! so far so good.

If the virus program runs again it will launch either the sound volume control program or mspaint. Just minimalise them and leave them running.

Now reboot the PC.

Load firefox or Opera or whatever web browser you normally use (if you dont use either of them you jolly well should give them a trial! No harm done!).

Type in www.avg.com and you should now be able to access this web site. Download the latest free antivirus program and install it. It will check for updates and the latest virus profiles. Allow it to access all the information it needs to download and run a virus scan. It took nearly 2 hours to run this on my laptop! So make sure the fan vent is clear and let it rip!

Viruses will be listed. Highlight them when the scanning is finished and delete or remove them as a 'power user' to the vault.

Phew! Hope that sorted it out.