Solder -

Is a mixture of tin and lead. Although more recently the lead content is being replaced by other un-leaded alloys. The new solder alloys are covered by the RoHs specification and there are strict guidelines on it's use within industry, mainly regarding the non-contamination of un-leaded solder with leaded types.

Tin Wizard
Tin Wizard is a soldering, PCB and mechanical assembly (also PIC and C/Assembler programming) temporary work service - minus the agency.

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High Speed, High Quality, High Flexibility, High Intelligence! - My main areas of work are PCB soldering, prepping and production, including discrete and surface mount (SMT) components and chips. Re-work soldering, modifications, development board work, wiring and any new techniques which you may wish to develope for new products. Also included in the service is mechanical design work and C, assembly and PIC programming (see 'Projects').

Own tools available. Home workshop available. .

Personal indemnity insured

RoHS aware and secure

ESD Safe assembly

Quick Hire & Fire.

SMT Oven for Small batches

PIC Circuit design