Fractal generated model of tin dendrite growth. Or possibly a photo of a caulliflower. Feedback
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Feedback represents my reputation as a contractor. It is made up of comments and ratings left companies who have used my skills.

Feedback can be left by filling in the form information below. (You will need an invoice number to enter into the ID field)
Can Feedback be removed? Requesting a clientr to revise a negative feedback?

Why leave Feedback?
Leaving honest comments gives members a good idea of what to expect when dealing with other members. Leaving Feedback is also a way to increase the goodwill of the eBay community by expressing your appreciation for a job well done. Finally, if you are a buyer, you can help spread the word about a seller you like, and if you are a seller, you can help recognise and reward loyal customers, which encourages them to buy from you again.

Feedback about the contract reflects your experience with me.

Members of the Tin Wizard Network (only me presently) develop a 'Feedback Profile', or reputation, based on the comments and ratings left by users of their services or products. The Feedback Score is one of the most important pieces of a Feedback Profile.

Feedback may contain comments as well as the overall score.

+1 point for each positive rating

No points for each neutral rating

-1 point for each negative rating

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