Fractal generated model of tin dendrite growth.


This website was developed at the SEETEC office in Chelmsford by myself (Kevin Peters) using MS-Notepad [!], MS-Paint [!] and Internet Explorer version 7 on Windows XP.

  • I also wrote the Hit Counter (on the front 'TIN WIZARD' page) in PHP. It resides on my plusnet server CGI webspace service. You can have a copy of it if you like. Just send me your email address with the request.

  • The pages were hand crafted in html using frames and tables, it is a basic web site although I might, in the future replace the buttons with the glowing CSS v2 types. This page FORM script came from the plusnet CGI example files, altered to make the script return to this form page after 'Send'ing. The Form script I ended up with is here.

    The pictures to the left on each page were included to add a bit of visual interest !